Stippling is filling in space with tiny dots—tightly packed, spread out, or however you want to place them. This can add texture and interest to your designs.
Hatching is filling space with a series of separate parallel lines.
Cross-hatching is drawing a layer of hatching and then adding a second layer of hatching in another direction, on top. It can give the illusion of depth and shading.
Back-and-forth stroke (“scribbling”) is a simple continuous motion to fill in space with a solid color. Do it without lifting your pencil or marker off the page.
Circular stroke is another way to fill a space with solid color: moving your pencil or marker continuously in overlapping circles.

 Adding Texture and Detail



Sharp colored pencils and fine markers are great for coloring delicate details.




You can add textures and depth by starting with a light color and then going back and coloring over it with a darker color, or pressing down harder with the same pencil or marker.



Different colors can be blended together in a smooth transition.



Use a cotton swab lightly dipped in baby oil to soften hard edges or smooth two blending colors together.



Add white highlights with a gel pen, or a fine brush with white paint, to look like light reflecting on a surface.

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